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The CPEC Approach:

When starting a coaching engagement, I first consider who the client is holistically, and how their career fits with their priorities in life.  I take a consultative approach, listening closely and learning what is most important to the client. An effective coach always has the client’s agenda in the forefront, so throughout an engagement I am checking in to ensure that the client is getting what they want from the coaching engagement.  My approach considers the whole person - their personal and organizational values, their goals and needs, as well as their context (where they are in their learning and change process).

The CPEC Method:

Based on the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program, I use a theoretical orientation based on the science of human performance.  This method emphasizes integrating theory and practice that draws from psychology, neuroscience, organization development, business management and leadership research.  

With 30 years of business experience, I bring practical solutions and organizational insight to this method.  Understanding the dynamics of today’s workplace and how technology has changed the way that work is performed, I often help clients translate previous education and work experience to fit current workplace needs.   As a partner to my clients, I help professionals at all levels discover their strengths and how best to stay relevant in a changing work environment.


Where We Excel

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

HR Advisory

HR Advisory

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Executive Coaching

CPEC offers executive coaching as a core offering.  With deep experience in working with C-suite executives, both internally as part of HR in large organizations and externally with companies of all sizes, I work with executives in a multitude of scenarios.  Some are in transition or are considering leaving a job, others are onboarding to new roles, and others are high performers who are preparing for their next step.

Career Coaching

CPEC offers career coaching to individuals who are in the early years of starting a career or becoming first-time managers.  Using a variety of assessments, I help clients discover their interests and preferences. I provide guidance by facilitating and accelerating the self-discovery process, which often leads to transformational learning.  

For individual coaching clients, CPEC offers unlimited access between sessions.  We are located in New York City, and provide options to meet in CPEC offices spaces or yours. We communicate through text messaging, Skype, Zoom, Facetime or phone, with flexible hours.

HR Advisory 

CPEC offers HR Advisory services to companies of all sizes.  Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Learning & Development, Workforce Engagement, HR Technology, Labor Relations and Diversity & Inclusion are all areas of expertise.