Central Park Executive Coaching


The CPEC Approach

The most meaningful change happens when you can see the whole person. That’s why we begin each relationship exploring how your career goals fit within the broader context of your life priorities, and design metrics to ensure we are moving swiftly toward both. We keep the client’s agenda in the forefront throughout the coaching engagement. For us, the coaching relationship is a deeply committed, honest and supportive one. 

The CPEC Method

The method underlying our approach is a culmination of two influences; Eileen’s Columbia University training on the science of human performance, and her 30+ years leading HR and Talent Management teams in complex, large-scale global organizations. This method emphasizes integrating theory and practice that draws from psychology, neuroscience, organization development, business management and leadership research.  

With a team of experienced coaches, we bring practical solutions and organizational insight to this method. Understanding the dynamics of today’s workplace and how technology has changed the way that work is performed, we often help clients translate previous education and work experience to fit current workplace needs. As a partner to our clients, we help professionals at all levels discover their strengths and how best to stay relevant in a changing work environment. Certifications include:

  • MBTI

  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

  • Personalysis Profile

  • Columbia University Executive Coaching Certification

  • Birkman Signature Suite

  • DISC

  • FIRO-B

Executive and Team Coaching

CPEC offers executive coaching as a core offering. With deep experience in working with executives on the rise and in C-suite positions, we bring a business acumen and an understanding of current corporate climates. We work with executives in a multitude of scenarios. Some are in transition or considering leaving a job, some are on-boarding to new roles, others are high performers who are preparing for their next step. In some cases they are looking for support when preparing for presentations or important meetings.

Career Coaching

CPEC offers career coaching to individuals who are in the early years of starting a career or becoming first-time managers. Using a variety of assessments, we help clients discover their interests and preferences. We provide guidance by facilitating and accelerating the self-discovery process, which often leads to transformational learning.  

CPEC offers unlimited access between sessions. We are located in New York City, and provide options to meet in CPEC offices or yours. Meetings may also be conducted through video or phone, with flexible hours. Additional calls and text messaging between sessions is unlimited.

HR Advisory 

CPEC offers HR Advisory services to companies of all sizes. Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Learning & Development, Workforce Engagement, HR Technology, Labor Relations and Diversity & Inclusion are all areas of expertise. We are currently working with small to mid-size companies offering ongoing HR Advisory support. Based on Eileen’s recent research on Millennials in the workplace, we are developing talent and development strategies for new managers and recent hires in high-growth companies. We also support companies with talent acquisition and succession planning strategies to win the War on Talent.